Lisa is an HR IT geek by day but her super powers are in writing, drawing and observing nature - people, places and creatures of our physical world.  In her poetry collection, Letters of Faith, Family and Love, she describes each of our lives as a masterpiece.  We are all given unique gifts and talents that allow us to express our true purpose in this life - if we take the time to see and use those gifts.
Here's an excerpt from the introduction:
"If I can use an artist's analogy, think of your life as a blank canvas that only you can paint.  Others may try to make your canvas their own by telling you how and what to paint.  Still there are some who, out of jealousy or their own insecurities, will tell you your painting is ugly or you'll never finish.
Do not be discouraged.  It is your choice to paint an original with vibrant colors that only you can dream.  As you paint your life's masterpiece, remain true to yourself.  Give God the glory, take time to listen to His still-small voice, and be the wonderful creation the Divine envisioned as you."
Lisa's books, poetry and art express every stroke of her life - heartache and joy.  May you embrace your gifts and talents and create your masterpiece!

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